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Pathfinder Enchanting Courtesan

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:48 pm
by Gordon228
i am trying to get the prestige class from Inner Sea Intrigue the Enchanting Courtesan and i have everything setup but can't seem to load it into pcgen and i have no idea what i am doing wrong any help would be appreciated. i think there is still more to do but i just want to see if i need to fix anything.

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# Class Name      Hit Dice   Type         Max Level   Source Page      Define            Combat bonus                                                Save bonus                                                                  Modify VAR                                                                                                                                                                                                   FACT
CLASS:Enchanting Courtesan   HD:6      TYPE:PC.Prestige   MAXLEVEL:10   SOURCEPAGE:p.374   DEFINE:ArcaneArcherLVL|0   BONUS:COMBAT|BASEAB|classlevel("APPLIEDAS=NONEPIC")|TYPE=Base.REPLACE|PREVAREQ:UseAlternateBABProgression,0   BONUS:SAVE|BASE.Reflex|(classlevel("APPLIEDAS=NONEPIC")+1)/3   BONUS:SAVE|BASE.Fortitude,BASE.Will|(classlevel("APPLIEDAS=NONEPIC")+1)/2   BONUS:VAR|ClassBABPoor|classlevel("APPLIEDAS=NONEPIC")|PREVAREQ:UseFractionalBAB,1   BONUS:VAR|EnchantingCourtesanLVL|CL   BONUS:VAR|ClassSaveGood_Fortitude|classlevel("APPLIEDAS=NONEPIC")|PREVAREQ:UseFractionalSave,1   BONUS:VAR|ClassSaveGood_Reflex|classlevel("APPLIEDAS=NONEPIC")|PREVAREQ:UseFractionalSave,1   BONUS:VAR|ClassSavePoor_Will|classlevel("APPLIEDAS=NONEPIC")|PREVAREQ:UseFractionalSave,1   FACT:ClassType|PC   FACT:Abb|Arc
# Class Name      Required Skill                                    Required Ability                                    Req. Spell Type
CLASS:Enchanting Courtesan   PRESKILL:3,Bluff=5,Knowledge (arcana)=2,Sense Motive=5   PRESKILL:1,Perform (act)=2,Perform (dance)=2   PREABILITY:1,CATEGORY=FEAT,Spell Focus (divination),Spell Focus (enchantment)   PRESPELLTYPE:4,Divination=1,Enchantment=1,Divination=2,Enchantment=2
# Class Name      Skill Pts/Lvl   Class Skill
CLASS:Enchanting Courtesan   STARTSKILLPTS:6   CSKILL:Acrobatics| Bluff|Diplomacy|Disguise|Intimidate|Knowledge (arcana)|Knowledge (local)|Knowledge (nobility)|Knowledge (religion)|Linguistics|Perform|Sense Motive|Sleight of Hand|Stealth
1   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|All Martial Weapon Proficiencies   ABILITY:FEAT|AUTOMATIC|Martial Weapon Proficiency Output|Simple Weapon Proficiency
1   ABILITY:FEAT|AUTOMATIC|Armor Proficiency (Light)|Armor Proficiency (Medium)
1   ABILITY:FEAT|AUTOMATIC|Shield Proficiency
###Block: Normal Level Progression
1   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Covert spells
1   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Enchanting touch
1   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Seducer’s leverage
2   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Poison use
2   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Seductive intuition
3   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Hidden spell +1
3   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Master poisoner
4   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Contact poison wielder
5   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Deluding touch
6   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Hidden spell +2/+1
7   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Informative liaisons
8   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Overwhelming touch
9   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Hidden spell +3/+2
10   ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Enchanting Courtesan ~ Touch of ecstasy
###Block: Spell Improvement
10   ADD:SPELLCASTER|Arcane ... courtesan/

Re: Pathfinder Enchanting Courtesan

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:54 pm
by Nylanfs
Did you make a pcc file to load your PrC?

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Re: Pathfinder Enchanting Courtesan

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:56 pm
by Nylanfs
Also watch these tutorial videos

PCGen Tutorials: ... -8q5IT-klM

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Re: Pathfinder Enchanting Courtesan

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:59 pm
by Gordon228
i made a basic one that i took from inner sea gods and retooled keeping all of what it had just renaming it properly as i wanted a quick test. i always look at how the folder structure is laid out so i know what i am doing wrong but in this case i think i should have included blank files for the other lst files the pcc is referencing. is that the right call tho?

Re: Pathfinder Enchanting Courtesan

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:36 pm
by Gordon228
the tut vids helped alot but now i have problems i can control and yes i was able to load it. ...

here is the zip containing everything i have done thus far as you will probably ask for it so i have provided.

Re: Pathfinder Enchanting Courtesan

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:11 am
by LegacyKing
Quick corrections, since I have limited time:

1a) All your abilities are using Class Ability as a category, I frankly don't know if that exists, but it isn't standard set up, and won't display anything. Switch to CATEGORY:Special Ability otherwise, you'll likely have to alter the output sheets.
1b) All your abilities have a space after the name, this is never a good idea. Only thing saving you from a fatal crash is the KEY.
2) Class abilities are referenced by an invalid method - you haven't defined any class pool for your class in an ABILITYCATEGORY file. Change it to ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|xxx if you don't want to create the new pool.
3) None of your abilities have DESC: before the descriptive text, which is going to make pcgen go bonkers with errors. As it can't process non-tagged text like that.
4) I haven't used an ABILITY:FEAT on a class like this in a couple of years... Weapon and Armor Proficiencies are their own class feature, and the proper method to add bulk proficiencies is the use of internal abilities - ABILITY:Internal|AUTOMATIC|TYPE=WeaponProfSimple|TYPE=WeaponProfMartial|TYPE=ArmorProfHeavy|TYPE=ArmorProfMedium|TYPE=ArmorProfLight|TYPE=ShieldProfTower|TYPE=ShieldProf

Use the Highest tier for each one, and it'll grant the items below it.
5) We never reference the numbers in the ability - such as "Enchanting Courtesan ~ Hidden spell +3/+2" The class feature is Hidden spell, the values are the only changing field, so add
ASPECT:NAME|Hidden Spell +1|PREVAREQ:HiddenSpell,1
ASPECT:NAME|Hidden Spell +2/+1|PREVAREQ:HiddenSpell,2
ASPECT:NAME|Hidden Spell +3/+2|PREVAREQ:HiddenSpell,3
Remove the numbers so the first one matches the name, and remove the two repeats.
6) Switch ArcaneArcherLVL on the class to EnchantingCourtesanLVL
7) Fix CSKILL:Acrobatics| Bluff to CSKILL:Acrobatics|Bluff -- SPACES are bad. We don't have a skill called " Bluff", so this means Bluff will never be a class skill.
8) FACT:Abb|Arc doesn't look correct

That is what I got from a quick look.


Re: Pathfinder Enchanting Courtesan

PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:20 pm
by Gordon228
Thank you for the look and i will see what i can do about fixing everything and seeing how it works.

Edit: the FACT:Abb|Arc line comes from the arcane archer so if it's not right then look to that class to fix it.

Edit 2: i just need to fix hidden spell then the class is done as it works just no hidden spell.

Edit 3: the link has the up to date version and now when you go to get Inner Sea Intrigue done you have one less thing to work on lol.

Re: Pathfinder Enchanting Courtesan

PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:29 pm
by LegacyKing
Edit: the FACT:Abb|Arc line comes from the arcane archer so if it's not right then look to that class to fix it.

FACT:Abb = Abbreviation. You're re-using the same abbreviation as an Arcane Archer. I'd expect EnC or something along those lines.