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PCGen Board of Director's Meeting

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PCGen Board of Director's Meeting

Postby LegacyKing » Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:03 pm

Hi Folks,

It's been awhile since we been able to get the team together for a proper meeting. Due to scheduling issues, the meeting will be held next SATURDAY, August 15th.
Time zone accurate link: ... 1=770&ah=1

1) Welcome to Meeting and posting agenda (Andrew, 1 minute)
2) Silverbacks report on their Teams (SBs, 25 minutes)
- Admin (Anestis, 5 minutes)
- Arch (Tom, 5 minutes)
- Code (James, 5 minutes)
- Content (Andrew, 5 minutes)
- PR (Paul, 5 minutes)
3) Next Release, and Estimated Release Schedule for 6.6 (James, 3 minutes)
4) Formula System / Subsystem Proposal Discussion (Tom, 25 minutes)
5) Wrap up and Public Comments (Public, 5 minutes)

Time allotted: 59 minutes

Meeting location - IRC. IRC settings:

channel #pcgen

Guests without an IRC client may log on to the chatroom through a web browser -

Item #4 is likely to be a lively discussion. If you've had questions about the "Formula Parser" and the massive scope of it, this may be the meeting to attend.

Andrew Maitland
PCGen Content SB
- Data Chimp
- Quicksilver Tracker Monkey
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