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Postby LegacyKing » Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:55 pm

Hi Team,

I need to update my contacts list and know who is still active with the

Please contact me off-list with best email address to reach you
( is fine for this).

Also, indicate what activities with PCGen you are either pursuing, would
like to pursue, or if you want something to pursue.

I would like to start utilizing a more team oriented approach to some of
our larger projects (such as new sources) and think getting this herd of
cats pointed in a direction would help.

Reading all about Agile and Scrum, so hey, if you all want to start
sending in a daily "What I'm doing, this is what I need help with, this
is what I want to accomplish" that would be great.

Just to give a time frame, my goal is to have a production release
December. This means new features, sources, and such need to be
expedited if you want it included for 6.06.00.

I expect in the next week or so we'll make a determination when to
switch to Beta, and then bug fixing madness and mass updates to bring
the sets into compliance with 6.6 deprecation standards.


Andrew Maitland
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