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I hear you like 5e, so do we...

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I hear you like 5e, so do we...

Postby Nylanfs » Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:42 pm

Thanks to the amazingly hard work of Bahamut Dragon, Wemes, Quonic, NGuill, & Andrew "Legacyking" Maitland who created the base 5e dataset and donated it to the project and Andrew Maitland who worked it over since the release to make sure it matches the SRD. PCGen has our first version of the D&D 5e Gamemode and dataset available for the public!

Download 6.06.00rc01, download this file, click on "Install Data" on the bottom of the sources screen and you are golden. Report any bugs at

In case you somehow missed the news WotC released D&D 5th Edition as OGL and released an SRD yesterday. ... cument-srd

Please note that this is our first version so please report any bugs and issues at ... z/download

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