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Next release 6.06.00RC2

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Next release 6.06.00RC2

Postby Nylanfs » Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:44 pm

It is our intention to release 6.06.00RC2 on Monday evening (Feb 1st).

Release notes: ... l/download

Since 6.06.00RC1, we have patched 49 data issues; 12 code issues; 1 OS issue and have a pending list of Code inclusions (another 13 issues in 6.07 that may be included).

With another bug issue, once fixed would be 50; 20ish and 1 respectively.

Please give the latest AUTOBUILD a test and report any issues -

Remember, Release Candidates are the latest culmination of features and bug fixes for the next production release. As such, these are the final versions before a production release.

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