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Next Release - 6.06.00RC3

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Next Release - 6.06.00RC3

Postby LegacyKing » Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:13 am

Hi all,

It is my intention to get 6.06.00RC3 out next week - either Monday or Tuesday (22nd or 23rd). We have a few issues I would like to resolve before that release if the team can help. After that I'm intending to release 6.06.00 production on the 29th (Right after our Meetings) This time frame is ideal since we're pushing into Formula replacement and all our efforts should be on the new system.

That said, I would like assistance resolving these outstanding issue before RC3.


Character with Temp. Bonus applied to weapon shows weapon multiple times in equipment.
(PDF export issue)


Extra Page Breaks In Csheet Fantasy Std?


bad page wrap in fantasy_simple PDF


Inner Sea Gods List Incomplete


Longhammer (Dwarven) missing "Weapon Group Hammers" from the Type.

If a Code Monkey could take a quick look at this:


"Monstrous Humanoid" monsters can take "Humanoid" class but shouldn't

I won't hold up the release for it, since it is such a minor corner case.

I think this may be misclassified:


Reduce Person Does Not Reduce Equipment Weight

(Probably Data, and FREQ - and moot since the whole system is being ripped out and replaced)

I suspect these:
CODE-3000 and CODE-2998 are deeper level and should not be messed with for 6.06.
If I missed anything let me know.

Andrew Maitland
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Andrew Maitland
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