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Homebrew Support READ ME First before posting

Where users making their own LST files can ask "How-To" support questions

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This is only to post HOW-TO Questions in relation to your own personal data sets. This is not where bugs are reported, please use the Main Group for Bugs or issues.

Homebrew Support READ ME First before posting

Postby LegacyKing » Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:10 am

Hi Folks,

First off, this is only for Homebrew groups. If you are making a set intended to be used as an official PCGen set, and need support, please use the Experimental Forum. (Why? Cause Homebrew support is all about getting the results they desire, where official sets should be both correct results, correct method to achieve it, and if we can't support it, we need code involvement).

PCGen Volunteers are available to answer questions - however, please allow us to help you, by supplying the required information we need:
1) Is this from a source book, or strictly made up? (A point of reference is always appreciated, if someone else is trying to accomplish the same thing, this should answer their question as well)
2) What are you trying to accomplish? (Details matter. If you want to create a Feat that grants a +3 bonus to all Longswords, then say that is what you want.)
3) Please do not post your existing code unless directed too by one of the recognized LST Support Monkeys. (Any snippets of code should be limited to the mechanics, and omit the fluff text).

Proper Post Etiquette

SUBJECT: [Game System being used] Publisher/Book/Homebrew - Specific issue

Using the guidelines above, give the details on what you have encountered that isn't working, and what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Code: Select all
Subject: [35e] WotC / Complete Warrior - Make "blah" Feat Work

I have coded up "blah" feat, but am unable to get bonus x, to appear in the description.

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