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Highest of related values in output sheets

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Highest of related values in output sheets

Postby tzizimine » Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:06 am

A rather specific question with a narrow scope...

In HTML output files, is there a way to find and select the highest value of a specific list without knowing the specific indexes?

The example in question is related to making a 12th level bard in Pathfinder (human, no archetypes, only corebook rules). When selecting the Versatile Performance class abilities, the resulting Standard html output puts the Acrobatics skill with two options, the base Acrobatics (which is a +0 for Dex) and Acrobatics (Perform (Dance)) which is a +19. Is there a way of condensing the list so it only shows one entry for Acrobatics with the +19 modifier without hardcoding the specific index? Same for the Diplomacy Skill with Perform (Oratory)?

So for, I have been dabbling with loops with comparisons, like

Code: Select all

But this results in the base and Versatile Performance modifiers on the same line or nothing at all. Ideas?

- Dan
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Re: Highest of related values in output sheets

Postby LegacyKing » Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:48 am

Hi Dan,

Just a quick FYI, you'll want to learn the freemarker method of looping. That style you're dabbling with is going away.

As to the coding, that's a bit above my knowledge. Each "Acrobatics" is a different skill or situation. Altering how that displays should be handled delicately. Sadly, skills are not the easiest to alter for display purposes.

Might actually be easier to alter the bonus, and just display "Acrobatics". (BONUS:SKILL|Acrobatics|max(DEX,CHA)-DEX) or something like that.


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