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Zen Archer (again) where's the flurry?

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Zen Archer (again) where's the flurry?

Postby ngc7293 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:21 am

Hopefully I'm not nitpicking this time. :)

So I built a ZAM up to 6th level and I noticed (should have noticed from the start) that there wasn't a space for Flurry for the bow.
I created another character, this time just a plain monk first level and went straight to the character sheet and there was the flurry of blows.

Is this just a matter of not enough room? I made a composite +2 strength bow so that took up a bit of room.

I took a look at other sheets statblock_SRD, statblock_pathfinder and statblock_codex. Each sheet showed the bow and it's normal damage.

I looked up the the Monk in the NPC Codex and it shows amongst his attacks his flurry. I would assume this should be listed.

Of coarse, I can just pull up my pdf version of the Core rule book and just list the current level for the monk's flurry and do the numbers for myself but I wondered if this was missing from the output files.
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Re: Zen Archer (again) where's the flurry?

Postby LegacyKing » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:47 am


If you want to understand the mechanics, Flurry of Blows is a Hard Coded block. Now consider this, the flurry of blows is based upon ONE proficiency - Unarmed Attack. I don't have to hack to make the attack values come out correct, all feats and magical enhancements are imparted automatically...

Conversely, how many blocks do you suppose I'd have to build to do a Flurry Attack for bows?

Would the flurry values be displayed as it's own block (Like the Flurry of Blows), would there be one for each possible variation (What if you have Weapon Focus for a certain bow, or you have a Magical Enhancement bonus to attack), or would it be just a base value?
Consider this, would each bow get a flurry block for that particular bow, to take into account variables dependent upon each particular bow?

When you can answer those questions, then I'll point you to the OS code and let you go to town. For you see, what you ask is not easily delivered, nor easily defined, as no one person has an ideal solution. I hope you can understand at least a small glimmer on why what your asking for is far harder than what you would think. (Estimated Story Points or actual hours 4)


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