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PCGen Data Translator v1.13

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PCGen Data Translator v1.13

Postby Pablin » Mon Sep 22, 2014 6:45 am

PCGen Data Translator v1.13

I made a little tool for the translation of the data, which do not alter the operation of PCGen.
(this means that you can continue to open your character files without any problem of compatibility)

The tool is based mainly on 2 files:
    -An Excel Worksheet with a glossary of terms (with vb macros that facilitate the translation work)
    -A Batch File which performs the translation of the data.

All translations are done by incorporating the tag OUTPUTNAME: in each item, so it does not alter the original key names.

This version comes with the Spanish translation of the Pathfinder Data (50% progress) as an example.
But it can be used for the translation of any other database.

This is not a comprehensive solution to the issue of internalization but accomplishes the goal temporarily
until a more elegant solution is found.

You can download the last version here:

:: v1.13 (Apr-09-2015)
    - Fixed many bugs in the rules of translations scripts.
    - Added the SORTORDER tag to display items sorted alphabetically based on the translated texts.
    - Removed the "Fix the Sort Order of Feats And Abilities.bat" file because it has been replaced to do it from the spreadsheet itself.
:: v1.11 (10/04/2014)
    - Changed the way in how the data is filtered; Now using custom autofilter,
    that maintain the ability to allow users to customize the filtering criteria after selecting any type of defaults filter.
    - Now filtering buttons have two states (enable/disable)
    - Now the buttons are separated by color category for better understanding
    - The sheet are protected to prevent any changes that may compromise the integrity of execution of routines or
    accidental removal of the functions.
    - Now you don't need to save the worksheet and their dependency files in the main directory of PCGen.
    However, it's recommended to run at least in some subdirectory in to the PCGen folder to not need to specify
    the directory of the program.
:: v1.10 (10/01/2014)
    - Enhancements and Fixes when running the Update of data from another Workbook.
    - Added an option to select the book from which the data is updated when more than 2 books are opened.
    - Added an option to "Remember the answer for all such events" when take an action in the Update from another Workbook.
    - Added a batch file to correct the alphabetical order of the Feats and Abilities. (run only once)
    - More improvements in the Look and Feel.
    - And fixed other minor bugs...
:: v1.04 (09/30/2014)
    - Fixed a Bug when processing Descriptions that contain the character % to represent percentages.
    - Now the translation process is done directly from the option "Translate Data Files". (run the batch file in background)
    - Added an option to filter the data based on a given string.
    - Added an option to go to a specified line.
    - The sheet "Options" was changed to "Settings" and added the ability to perform some basic customizations.
    - Improvements in the Look and Feel.
:: v1.03.1 (09/27/2014)
    -Added a Batch file for Fix the Sort Order of Feats and Abilities in Pathfinder Source
    (This fix is temporary until it is resolved in the next versions of PCGen)
:: v1.03 (09/27/2014)
    -Added a Progress Bar when run the export or normalize the data.
    -Added the column "Page" that modifies the source page number of each description. (SOURCEPAGE: tag)
    -Added a function to update the data from a second open Worksheet.
    (This facilitates the synchronization between collaborators who are working on the same project)
    -The Normalize routine was modified for a more optimal and faster execution.
    -Now the column "Description" also works for TEMPDESC: tag, besides DESC:
    -Added more detailed comments on the visual basic code were performed to facilitate interpretation.


1- Extract the .zip in the main directory of PCGen

2- Open the excel sheet 'PCGen Data Translator v1.11.xlsm' from PCGen\translator\
(or from the directory where you unzipped the files)

3- Make all the changes you want in the glossary data.

4- Click on "Translate Data Files" button to generate the translation rules files and to translate the data files.

5- Run the "PCGen.exe" and go to the options menu:
'Tools -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Display Options'
and verify that the 3 options that contain "OutputName" are activated.

6- Load the Pathfinder Sources

7- Enjoy!




You can find all versions of this tool at:
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Re: A Little Tool for Translations

Postby LegacyKing » Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:50 pm

Very cool.

Andrew Maitland
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Re: A Little Tool for Translations

Postby Pablin » Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:11 pm

Thanks, later I will make a more detailed instructive for a better understanding of it .
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