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Changing Basic Class To Prestige.

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Changing Basic Class To Prestige.

Postby Jasoneagle » Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:00 am

I was Wondering if there was a way to change a Basic Class to a Prestige Class, I ask because in my House Rules Classes like Wizard and Paladin, are not Selectable at Level 1 and Require very Specific Requirements (Level 5 Wizard, as well as Skill Req., CL5 for Paladin as a Cleric or Devoted Fighter, + Skill Req.)

However I do not wish to Change the Class Requirements from the Basic Sets as When another of my Group is GMing they do not Have these Requirements, My world Is Based on Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms.
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Re: Changing Basic Class To Prestige.

Postby LegacyKing » Fri Mar 13, 2015 6:07 am


There is very little that is not actually possible in pcgen. The true questions should be, how hard is it to implement and what would be the recommended method?

The issue with classes are the TYPE controls their designation. Base, Prestige, Monster, etc. Since TYPE (to my recollection) cannot be cleared, only appended, you'll find the class displaying as both.

If you really want the class treated as a defacto prestige class, my recommendation would be to:
1) Make your own custom pcc file to load your homebrew/house rules along with the regular items you use
2) In said pcc, exclude the classes you wish to redefine CLASS:x/y/rsrd_classes.lst|(EXCLUDE:Class1|Class2)
3) Have a new file on hand to add the prestige versions of the classes

CLASS:Paladin <> TYPE:Prestige
CLASS:Paladin <> PRExxx:something

Now, whenever you load your Campaign, your rules are followed, and it won't affect the regular files.

Dragonlance and Faerun, sounds complicated. I'm kinda curious what bits are from which setting.


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